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About Isabela

She was born in Calcutta. She studied up to the sixth grade at Sakhawat Memorial Scholl founded by Begum Rokeya. Following Matriculations, Sirajganj’s famous politicians freedom fighter and cultural personality Mr.Anwar Hossain got married to her.Continue to study after marriage along with her husband she become involved in politics and cultural activities. In 1971 she participated in the liberation war and served as a nurse in the Rumi liberation war camp. After the study she started to study again as well as social services. She had arranged rehabilitation of 35 biranganga rescued from various camp of Pak army. She obtained BA degree in 1969 and completed in 1972 .After 35 years of her life she devoted herself to teaching at Gauri Urban Girls High School. Under her leadership many meritorious students were created from the school as well as overall result of the school was fantastic. She was interested in writing from her childhood but she started writing late. Yet she wrote 24 books in last ten years of her life. About half of which are written for children. In personal life she was mother of six children. Her only son Kabir Bin Anwar now in charge of social service, women development and a unique imitation foundation for environmental protection. After a long working life the great leader of the awakening of the women died on January 11, 2013 with numerous devotees.


Last Saying Sayeda Isabela